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Foto: By Lieke Vroomen
Foto: By Lieke Vroomen

Hi! My name is Madeleen Stamm. I'm a coach, trainer, business major, and a married proud mom of three. I'm convinced that we can have a much greater impact when we dare to follow our own path. When we dare to bloom, as I call it. And I know that when organisations create those environments in which you can flourish, those same organisations, teams and cultures will be more successful.


That's what I help people to do. Both in 1-1 settings as well as within their teams. 


I'm Dutch and born and raised in the Netherlands. Yet, a year before finishing high school I went on my first solo trip to the US to spend the summer with family that I had only briefly met once. I'd never been on a plane before. I spoke a bit of English but not much more. And I was forever hooked on the experience of expanding my own horizon through learning about others. 


I went on to study International Business Administration, did a semester exchange in MA, USA and spent the vast majority of my professional life in international (and often male dominated) environments at the crossroads of career coaching, education, engagement and high tech. 


All this experience comes in to play when I coach and train. Whether it's one-on-one or in a team, I can relate to the additional layer of challenge that comes with building a career outside of your home country. Or when finding your way in a team with different nationalities and backgrounds. And I definitely know what it feels like to find yourself lost in your career and moving away from what once lit you up. 


At the end of the day, greater outer impact comes from greater inner growth. It comes from being clear about what you want, need, bring and will no longer do. From consciously deciding how you will spend your time and energy. Whether you do this when you embark on a solo journey, or you bring your entire organisation together around that goal, I am more than happy to help you grow and bloom. 


Are you ready? 

Dare to bloom! 



These are some of the topics that I love to learn, read and coach on: (deep) purpose, growth mindset, conscious business/marketing & leadership, personal leadership, feminine leadership, well-being and so much more. I am also very excited about the Inner Development Goals - a framework that highlights the skills necessary in organisations to deal with our uncertain future. Together with Suzanne Lahaye from Uniek Coaching, I host the IDG Hub for Brabant and Limburg (Southern parts of the Netherlands). In case you're curious about what these IDGs could do for your organisation, or have any other question, please don't hesitate to reach out to Suzanne or to myself. 

What I offer

  • Private coaching
    1-on-1 coaching. Often women-centered.  Whether you feel stuck in your career, struggle to find balance or long for more fulfilment in your work and life. After all, deep down you know that it's possible to bloom. 

  • Coaching and training for organisations
    Programs and services for organisations that want to help their people grow and bring them together around a sustainable vision for true impact. Whether it's 1-1 coaching for your employees, a training program across layers or driving engagement by growing the inner capacity for making organisational impact, it's all about allowing talent to flourish. 

Want to know more? Reach out!

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